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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 9, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, deadly storms. tens of millions of people in the way as severe weather rolls from the midwest to the northeast. a rising death toll right now. breaking overnight, details straight ahead. president obama meets today with one of his harshest critics when it comes to immigration. meanwhile, republicans in congress are lining up to slam the president's new plan to pay for the crisis. and caught on camera. a daring rescue on the california coast. a man goes into rough water to save a teenager. >> at that point i really realized how helpless i was and was basically fighting for my life. >> a story of survival coming up. and brazil in mourning after their team's stunning defeat to germany. the host nation wakes up with a major world cup hangover.
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good morning to you. we begin were breaking news. a violent line of killer storms. several people died as a powerful storm ripped apart a house near syracuse, new york. >> and tragedy struck at a summer camp in maryland where kids were scrambling to make it indoors. more from abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: overnight severe storms marched from the country's midsection to the east. a nightmare at a summer camp in maryland. high winds knocked down trees killing a boy and injuring eight children. >> it was a freak storm that came up. >> obviously it's pretty traumatic for the campers because a lot of them were there when it happened. >> reporter: in upstate new york, wicked storms. >> looked out the window, and just saw blankets of rain and just trees falling everywhere. >> i am still a little shaky from it. it was numbing. very numbing. >> reporter: at least four people were killed in madison
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county when four homes were destroyed. officers searched through the night for survivors. >> we got our search dogs out right now looking around. we're just picking up parts of the house to see if anybody is beneath. >> reporter: tens of thousands lost power with thunderstorms and downed power lines. a large tree came crashing down on this home. in ohio, a pair of tornadoes, one 150 yards wide downing trees and damaging a golf course and barn. >> holy cow. i was -- i looked outside and the barn door was swinging open. i saw the tree fall. and i didn't know what to think. >> reporter: elsewhere in the midwest fears of flooding near the mississippi and ohio river residents are using sandbags to stem rising waters. thankfully there's not much rain in today's forecast. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> those intense thunderstorms around the nation's capital made
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a way for a spectacular sight. amazing shot of a vibrant double rainbow that appeared near washington, d.c.'s metro stop and arched over the national mall. time now for the forecast from across the nation. more severe weather in the northeast. thunderstorms in upstate new york, pennsylvania and new england. and thunderstorms could be severe in the south. downpours in the southwest. >> mild in the midwest, 70s from minneapolis to detroit. sweltering in phoenix in the triple digits. 80s along the west coast. 90s in dallas, denver and washington, d.c. despite the scorching forecast in texas temperatures are likely to be pretty icy when the president meets with governor rick perry. topping their agenda, the immigration crisis. governor perry blames the white house for the border crisis but now the president has taken action. abc's karen travers joins us with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a request for emergency funding. congress needs to approve it. some republican lawmakers say it doesn't go far enough and want
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president obama to go down to the border and view the crisis firsthand. president obama has called it a humanitarian crisis and he asked congress for 3$3.7 billion to address the surge of uncompanied minors illegally crossing the u.s. southern border. >> what we'd like congress to do is act with the same sense of urgency and make sure that this administration has all of the necessary resources to deal with this situation. >> reporter: roughly half of the money, $1.8 billion would be set aside to care for these minors, many fleeing violence and crime back home in central america. nearly 10,000 were taken into custody in may alone. the remaining money would be split between the departments of homeland security and justice for law enforcement along the border and the state department for diplomatic efforts to tackle the root causes of this growing crisis. but there's so many big questions including will this funding make the process of sending minors back to their countries any faster?
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administration officials would not speculate on timing. from capitol hill to the border states, the white house is under fire. >> this is a failure of diplomacy. it is a failure of leadership from the administration in washington, d.c. >> reporter: governor perry also slammed president obama for not visiting the border to see firsthand what's happening there. republican lawmakers join the criticism. >> he needs to lead and not just follow when it comes to coming up with the solutions and the first thing he needs to do is go to the border. >> reporter: president obama will be in texas this week for political fund-raisers. he'll also meet with faith leaders and local elected officials including governor perry but ryan and reena, so far no planned visit to the border. >> thank you, karen. a federal agency is investigating dozens of allegations of retaliation by v.a. whistle-blowers. the hearing late last night a committee heard about problems faced by employees who reported problems in health care for veterans. several of them testified they
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were ridiculed, one said that included a picture shown at a party. >> in front of close to 300 individuals i was labeled a rat. i was labeled the person who ratted out this person. >> he still works for the v.a. but so does the supervisor who made fun of him. the chair of the committee called the v.a. an organizational cesspool. investigators from the fbi and cdc are trying to figure out how six vials of deadly smallpox could have been left in a low security lab for years and forgotten. the vials were found in a storage room outside washington. intact and sealed from the 1950s. the vials are now at the cdc in atlanta where they are being tested to see if they're infectious then they'll be destroyed. this morning the israeli army says it's intensified attacks on the gaza strip and attacked more than 130 sites overnight including hamas command centers and rocco dispirito launchers. israel is warning it could launch a possible ground invasion but gaza militants are
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firing back at a wedding in central israel. guests ran for cover when warning sirens went off. moments later two rocco dispiritos were intercepted. still overseas but on a much less serious note, brazil wakes up this morning in mourning. >> well, many fans left the stadium yesterday well before germany's incredible 7-1 defeat of the host nation and when it was over there was plenty of police in riot gear at the stadium but no reported incidents of violence. we will have the highlights from the match coming up later. unfortunately, things got chaotic near the beach in rio after the match. people who gathered to watch on the big screen ran away as groups of teenagers reportedly attempted a mass robbery. witnesses say they were stealing bags and mobile phones, even ripping jewelry from around people's necks. word of a massive settlement in the works stemming from the mortgage crisis. a demand for luxury rolls-royce models. is it a sign of an improving
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economy. business news next. the mother who left her child in the new york subway. details of her troubled life straight ahead.
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. welcome back. word of a possible settlement over shoddy mortgage securities. activities which helped trigger the financial crisis. citigroup and the justice department are close to a $7 billion deal, most in cash. the rest would be for struggling borrowers. americans are borrowing more but the increase in credit is slowing down. the federal reserve says
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consumer borrowing increased $20 billion in may, much in auto and student loans but less than the month before. people usually borrow when they feel good about the economy. crude oil production in this country should hit its highest level in more than 40 years. production has been increasing thanks to fracking and shale oil deposits. iraq's production is expected to remain steady as america relies less on oil imports. and rolls-royce sales are rising dramatically. the automaker reports an increase of 33% in the first half of this year. >> that's 500 more of the handmade cars than last year. the cheapest model starts at $263,000. the u.s. remains the biggest market for rolls-royces. when we come back, a stranger puts his own life to danger to save a teenager in rough water. and germany runs wild at the world cup. highlights from a truly historic win coming up.
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recapping our top story this morning, those fierce storms moving from the d.c. area to the northeast. four people died as storms shredded homes near syracuse, new york. a boy was kid and eight kids injured when high winds brought down a tree at a summer camp in maryland. now for a look at morning road conditions, still slick at times from upstate new york to northern new england. wet roads for parts of south and the commute may be slippery across the upper midwest and plains. drivers could face flooded highways and possible dust storms in the southwest. if you're flying airport delays possible in washington, d.c., phoenix and vegas. a dramatic rescue captured on camera off southern california. two men risking their own lives to save a total stranger. >> it happened at dangerous surf
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and their anxious families looked on. alex michaelson has the details. >> reporter: ron mcnulty never expected this moment diving into the water risking his life to save another. he had taken his kids and wife hillary to met up with his friend gary to check out the abalone cove. >> it was going to be a day at the beach showing children nature. >> reporter: but the water as rougher than they'd ever seen it before. a young man in his late teens falls into the water and is soon unconscious. gary tries to grab him but is pulled in. >> at that point i realized how helpless i was and was fighting for my life. >> reporter: hillary tries to direct the rescue effort while capturing it on her gopro. >> i've never seen anything like that in my life. >> reporter: rob spots the young man unconscious and there is a lull in the current. >> where i thought this is his only chance and next thing i knew my feet left the rocks and in i went and i grabbed him.
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>> rob pulls the young man out of the water and is soon joined by gary. >> rob had said to me i think he's dead and i was like, no, no, we're not going to give up on this kid and just kept pumping and pumping. >> his legs are cut up as the waves continued to pound during the cpr. eventually lifeguards arrive and the young man starts breathing. >> i think my dad is a hero, yeah. i think gary is a hero too. >> reporter: alex michaelson, abc 7, abc news. pot shops in washington say they will have enough supply to re-open today. the second day of legal sales of recreational marijuana. sales across the state yesterday were brisk and supplies kept up with demand. only a fraction of those sellers with licenses opened because license growers haven't had enough time to harvest the whole crop. only pot certified can be sold. the mother accused of abandoning her baby is being held without bail.
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20-year-old frankea dabbs told police she was homeless and felt she couldn't take care of her 10-month-old daughter. she said she thought she was leaving her baby in a safe public place. dabbs' father said his daughter has been troubled since her boyfriend was shot to death. the baby is okay. she remains with child services. the former mayor of new orleans ray nagin learns his sentence today. he was convicted of 20 federal corruption charges including bribery, money laundering and fraud. the prison sentence which could be more than 20 years would be a virtual life sentence. donald sterling had an unkind word for almost everyone at the trial. the owner of the clippers blasted two doctors who say he is mentally incapacitated and rid called his wife's attorney. she is suing for the right to sell the team after his racist remarks made him unwelcome in the nba. he testifies again today. two university of miami students have been arrested on sexual assault charges.
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these two are accused of getting a 17-year-old girl drunk and repeatedly raping herat an on-campus dorm. a police report says both confessed to the attack. the university immediately dismissed them from the team and suspended them from school altogether. now to the world cup. the empire state building here in new york was lit up in germany's colors. see that right there. >> nice and that's in recognition of its team's big world cup victory. we get some of the highlights from our guys at espn. good morning, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. this is neil everett. >> wasn't a good day. >> i was watching the tour de france. no. it is. >> is it? >> that's how insignificant. here we go. neymar out. silva suspended for brazil. germany taking advantage of the -- of just no defense from the brazilians. thomas muller, muller, muller,
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germany up 1-0. everybody for germany scored at least one goal. kloos kroos scored more than one. those plans scrapped. germany advances to the world cup final, 7-1. stateside. baseball is the game. st. louis to be exact. carlos martinez and cardinals hosting the pirates. top five, andrew mccutcheon with one on and one gone. pirates up 4-2. bottom nine, game tied at four. >> he went 0 for 5 the night before. >> drama. mccutcheon? >> yeah. >> okay. different game. off ernesto frieri, time to bounce. cardinals went on a walkoff homer for the second night in a row. netherlands and argentina the other semifinal. a big move by frontier airlines. pilots so big, in fact, we made it our "play of the day." >> that pilot ordered domino's
4:20 am
pizza for every passenger on the flight. it was diverted to cheyenne, wyoming. it was stuck there for a couple of hours and passengers were hungry so all of them left for denver shortly after the pies arrived on board. >> my new favorite pilot. up next in "the pulse," hang on tight. taking a ride on the world's tallest water slide. >> we're not done with brazil and germany just yet. we'll have some fun at the world cup host's expense. coming up.
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k9 advantix ll for the love of dog ♪ welcome back. it's time for "the pulse." we've got a little bit of everything this morning and we start with the aftermath of brazil's world cup defeat. >> here's one guy's tweet.
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"christ the redeemer, statue in rio, he said "screw this, i'm outta here, brazil." >> he was a busy guy. here he is crying in the wake of brazil's epic fail. plenty of brazil fans still feeling that way this morning. no doubt. >> this one pretty much sums it all up. a pretty brazilian drink smashed by a big beer. the germans will watch as the dutch take on argentina. i think the brazilians will turn off the tv. big comeback for rosie o'donnell. she previously co-hosted a hit tv show and been in active negotiations with the network to return to "the view" and supposedly just reached an agreement yesterday. >> there are no detail s on her contract yet. she'll be chatting it up with the only mainstay so far, whoopi goldberg. >> in good company there. thrill seekers are ready for the world's tallest water slide
4:24 am
opening in kansas city. >> i love it. it's called verhoopt. it's insane in german if you can say it right and set to be open to the public tomorrow after several delays. it's 17 stories high, get this, you have to climb 264 steps before the heart-stopping plunge. but early tests on the ride were not successful go that just sounds too exhausting. >> on top of that, rats carrying sandbags flew off the slide during the test run so engineers spent a million dollars to reconfigure to actually make the ride safer. >> it's worth it for a 17-story drop and a slash like that. >> is that splash really worth it. i'll bring a hose in for you, ryan. really? you don't need to go that far. >> maybe they should build an escalator to go up that far then you'd go. >> i'd go then. i don't want to have to work that hard. for tom local news coming up. for everybody else, more
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm matt o'donnell. it is 4:27, wednesday july 9th and we're following several developing stories including in the line of fire, a man fires shots at police during a standoff at the jersey shore. brand new details and video are just coming in. utility crews have been working through the night to restore power to tens of thousands of people. storms toppled trees and power lines. brand new this morning, a pilot goes out of his way to feed his hungry passengers who were grounded by powerful storms. a potential setback in the effort to fund philadelphia schools. it's happening in harrisburg. that story plus an fyi philly next on "action news." south. so finally this wednesday morning, if you're someone who loves anchovies on your pizza, really? this story is for you coming from southern california. >> that's where a massive and we
4:28 am
mean massive school of small fish was seen earlier this week. alison asht has our story. >> reporter: jen moffett of birc this. aquarium was one of the lucky ones. she jam with the fishes. >> it was an amazing experience. i mean, thousands and thousands of fish and when you dive down into the school, they respond to you, they swim off in all sorts of dwekzs. they'll swim around you, behind you. you can't see where they start and where they end. >> this video was shot by snorkelers from the scripps institution of oceanography who saw the same thing she did. their video shows not thousands but millions of anchovies and this is what it looked like from above. >> we could see schools extending all the way from the point in la jolla to as far as you could see to the north of us. >> reporter: the black band of fish extended for several miles and stretched an estimated 15
4:29 am
feet deep and 100 meters wide. although it's not unusual for northern anchovies to swim in schools, a school this big is unheard of. especially this far south. i asked if it could be because the water is so warm. right now it's hovering around 75 degrees. >> so it's not really clear if the high water temperature affected their behavior, causing them to come inshore or not. it seeps more likely that warmer water would force them offshore. so it's really kind of air mystery as to why they aggregated here in such numbers. >> reporter: some divers who swam below the school said it was a complete blackout above. they were the lucky ones because almost as quickly as the massive school of anchovies formed, it also disappeared. >> and that makes me hungry for pizza. >> does it? >> you don't like anchovies. >> why couldn't it be smoked salmon. >> or a sea of pepperoni.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> we are working on a developing story you didn't see last night on this wednesday, july 9th. a police standoff in atlantic city ends right after the man tries to flee naked. the story is brand new on "action news." >> calls for help. police release the 911 calls made after a fire ripped through southwest philadelphia taking four young lives. >> downed trees, crushed cars, power outages a few of the reminders of last night's storms. a live report on that is coming up. good morning, it is 4:30 on this wednesday morning. tam is off,


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